Weekend Photos

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that all you moms and moms to be had a relaxing weekend and got all the appreciation you deserve!

I took a 48 hour break from my hot glue gun this weekend and it was much needed. I'm excited to get back to some WC fun today and show you some photos later this week from the photo shoot we had on Saturday!

Here's a little peak of me pretending to be a photographer. I had one in the pipeline but they suddenly stopped responding to my e-mails, maybe my signature is offensive? Anyway, I figured I'd give it a shot myself.

So profesh, right?

Sunday was obviously Mother's Day and all I wanted was a relaxing day with maybe a mani & pedi thrown in there...maybe a day off from diapers. My peoples delivered and we had a fantastic day, just spending time together and taking it easy. Ryan stopped through Tory Burch on Saturday for a gift and I'm not sure what I love more, the bag or the fact that he stood in line just to get in to the store on a Saturday before Mother's Day. That's love, kids.

We got crepes for breakfast. I always have, and probably always will, the nutella and banana crepe. My mother used to say that we behaved worst on Mother's Day and Olivia seemed to pick right up on that tradition while we were at breakfast. It was....brief. Still delicious though, and those curls make me forget the "NOOOO" we heard all through breakfast. Sorta.

After breakfast I hit Homegoods and Ulta for a little retail fun, came home for lunch with the kiddo and her daddy, and then skipped out for a mani pedi when Olivia went down for her nap. When I got home, Ryan was in bed, Olivia was in her crib, and I felt peer pressured into joining the nap club. It was glorious and topped the day off perfectly.

This was the first Mother's Day I haven't spent with my own mother and it was a little sad, but fortunately she's coming to visit in less than 5 weeks. I shared this photo already on Instagram (@willowcrowns) but it's one of my favorites of my grandmother, mother, Olivia, and me. 

It always makes me think of how motherhood is something that gets passed from generation to generation, whether it's songs, parenting techniques, anecdotes, or just the support mothers and grandmothers provide. I've been lucky in the mom department and credit my mother with my love of books, caffeine, and tendency to freckle in the sun. I also really appreciate her patience when I call her and say "this is so. hard.". 

I hope you can all relate (tell me I'm not alone here) and that you enjoyed your little ones/family/friends as much as I did this weekend. 


  1. That sweet photo of your four generations made me a little misty eyed.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. love your pics :) happy mother's day :) great to see you this weekend

  3. I loved that picture on IG just as much as I love it now. Glad you had such a nice weekend!

  4. So glad you got to take a nap on Mother's Day! Your husband is a smart man, can't go wrong with Tory Burch!

  5. Love the bag! Brownie points to the hubby for the fab gift! And Im obsessed with Olivia's dress!


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