Weekend Photos and Cellular Cessation

Hey hey!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to get your Cinco de Mayo on. I'm looking forward to getting my novocaine on this morning and by looking forward to, I mean sick with anxiety. Dental work is not my fave and I'm mentally cursing pregnancy for sucking the strength out of my teeth, as well as my will to floss as regularly as I should. Oh well.

Our weekend was really, really wonderful and (as always) thoroughly documented. My favorite part of the weekend, though was not. Ryan came home early on Friday and took us girls out to lunch. I think I've mentioned my Instagram obsession before and Ryan bet me I couldn't leave my phone in the car during lunch. I took the bet, left it in the car, and surprise surprise, survived lunch. It was nice to really focus on our time together and really make an effort to file away the memory. We had lunch, took Olivia to the toy store next door to pick out a toy, and then walked around a little with a Starbucks. It's a rare thing for us to spend that much time together during the week and it started our weekend off on exactly the right foot!

Saturday morning Olivia got up a good hour earlier than normal, resulting in a very necessary 6:45 coffee run. I was enthusiastic.

Since she was so exhausted from waking us up at the crack of dawn, she promptly passed out in the car, droopy toddler cheeks and all.

My hopes that she'd transfer from car to crib were ridiculous and you'd think I'd have learned by now. 

We've been prepping for Cinco de Mayo by eating Tex Mex at virtually every meal this weekend so we kept it going with lunch on Saturday.

This face. Seriously. At least one of us looks adorable with a double chin.

As for the rest of the day Saturday, it looked like this:

My cousin flew in to visit for a few days on Saturday night and we're so excited to spend this time with her and make sure that she's up at the crack of dawn as well. Bleary eyed misery loves company, dontcha know.

p.s. square cupcake liners are my new favorite fruit/snack storage solution.

Ryan spent a good part of Sunday working on the office and while it looks like a total wreck, we're making progress. I'm kind of hating the wall color, but it's not my office so I'm trying to keep it zipped over here - not my forte.

The rest of the day we ate.

and ate.

played with Harper

and ate.

So now I'm off for some dental work, to be followed by a pity latte that will just run down my numb face. Ah, the glamour. 

Happy Monday!


  1. It's always such a gamble when they fall asleep in the car... To move them or not?! Also, good luck at the dentist. I hate that place and therefore get prescribed Valium whenever I need work done. Makes it sooooo much better! ;-)

  2. HA ha ha ha "A pity latte that will just run down my numb face" ... In all seriousness though, good luck at the dentist! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. how do you like that pewi bike?

  4. Haha! love your weekend recaps. Your pics are always so cute and I am almost certain I have a small cavity and need to get an appt.. Pregnancy is definitely tough on your teeth!

  5. David gives me so much crap about always being on my phone. It's terrible, I don't know how to be bored anymore.

  6. Asleep in the car has become my specially. I hit a drive thru for an iced coffee and keep magazines in my glove compartment. Hey...naptime is nap time! I'll take it! And pregnancy did quite the number on my teeth. I never had a cavity until I was pregnant, and now I think I might need a root canal. I'm self diagnosing myself, but whatever! It hurts! ~Jenn www.twobytwomom.com


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