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Let's set the scene:

It's 9:51 PM  and I'm methodically picking the M & Ms out of the trail mix bag I'm eating in bed because dinner feels like 2 days ago and if today's teething is any indication, I could be up a lot tonight and will need fuel. I'm thinking what I'm going to post on the blog for Thursday morning and it's tough. I mean, this week has been hit after hit. I whined about my dentist appointment (on two different occasions no less), talked about our mass food consumption, and my mom uniform. I just don't know how you follow that up. 

So let's talk about parenting or my pathetic attempt at it with my 17 month old teenager. 

First of all, I think I've mastered the whisper yell. If you're a parent, I'm positive you know what this is. Imagine "Olivia Kathleen, get back here and get that other kid's sippy cup out of your mouth" and "Olivia, do NOT touch that cigarette butt" but all in a fierce whisper. 

The sass lately is out of control and when she has an audience it's particularly good. I'm mostly using the techniques of ignoring tantrums, tolerating her being sprawled out on the floor of TJ Maxx, and pretending I don't hear the "noooo mama no no no no no" coming from the backseat. This is equally for the preservation of my sanity as it is to avoid giving her attention for her dramatics. But seriously. When do you start the serious parenting? When does time out become a thing?

I will say, though, that her little personality shocks and delights me daily. She never met a hair brush or mirror she didn't like and regularly sits down on my bathroom floor and shakes her feet at me so I'll paint her toes. Vain much, Olive?

As for me, I simultaneously feel like I have the patience of a saint and might lose my mind if I don't get a serious chocolate fix, all in the span of an hour. No wait, a minute.

Nutella crepes. Manna for toddler mamas everywhere.

Oh, and thanks, thanks, and thanks again for all your mom style input yesterday. I did forget to mention my mega love of maxi dresses and that fact that you're all infinitely more stylish than me. I'll be stalking you all on Pinterest shortly to see what you're pinning so I can copy you.


  1. I think different parenting works for different kids. I have read some of the positive discipline books and they helped me understand my toddlers thoughts, but some of the discipline techniques were a little soft. We started time out at about 2, but she only cares about it if you close her door, that is what really upsets her/let's her know you are serious. She is 2 1/2 and we recently started the 1-2-3, do what I asked thing, and that seems to be working a bit. But know that all kids are different and you will get through it!

  2. Hi!! I have been stalking your blog for awhile and I must say.. I really appreciate your openness and honesty with how you are raising your little one!! It's refreshing... I have a JUST turned 2... And I'm wondering where my cute, complaint little angel went!?!?! hahahaha... No really Her birthday was Tuesday and it was like a switch 3 days before her birthday!! She is throwing these tantrums.. And sassing like crazy!!! LoL... I'm like holy heck where did THIS come from?!?!?! My husband and I to do the let her cry it out... The other day my mom suggested *after having 6 kids* that when she starts a tantrum at home.. To just put her on a chair, couch, rug.. And tell her to sit there till she is calm... IT WORKS!! OMGOSH... I was shocked... I placed her on a chair and told her calmly you can get up when you stop having your fit.. She calmed down and got up... And it's gotten to the point where she starts her fit I can tell her to go sit on the chair\couch and she will.... ugh I dread taking her out in public!!! lol!!! Anyway... totally appreciate your blog! Keep on writing I love everything... I too have a Starbucks ocd\love!!!! Now if only there was a Starbucks where I live... the nearest one is about 45 minutes!! :-(

  3. Who wouldn't want to look into the mirror when they are that cute and dressed so well? Ugh mini is not even here yet and I am scared of her at 2. God forbid an actual TEEN!!

  4. Hi! Our daughters are soulmates. My youngest (21 months) favorite and most used word is "NO!" She even mutters it in her sleep. "No No No Mama!" I took the monitor out of her room because I'm so sick of hearing it. We've literally banned her from all public places after a horrific 5 hour flight during the holidays. New rule in our house you have to 3 be or older to board a plane. Did I mention she had colic so her screaming/carrying on started her 3rd week of life and hasn't stopped just morphed into serious attitude and sass. But man is she CUTE and an awesome cuddler when she knows I can't take it anymore ;) I live in fear of her teenage years. If it makes your feel better my 1st child is a walk in the park. So it's not our mothering skills that produce lunatics.

  5. I've got three girls out of my crew of four (as you know!) that are turning 2 in a few weeks. One of them was literally screaming at an ear-piercing level for the majority of this morning. She even yelled at me from her play room while I was in the kitchen. The others have their flaws as well. ;)

    I started time out then stopped because it was hard to keep it going with multiples, and I'm not always able to get there so quick when they're in the play room. Our focus is more on no biting each other, learning to share with each other and breaking up toy fights. We're teaching them to hug it out and say "I'm sawy" and it's actually somewhat effective.

    But, yes, I feel you on that two-year-old teenager thing...hang in there!

    1. Texas Tales,

  6. We are beginning to enter this stage and what a test to your patience it is sometimes. I agree, I think ignoring it is the best thing you can do because after all, it's your attention that they're after to begin with. There are some days lately when I just can't wait for bedtime to come and then when it does I feel so guilty for thinking that. This parenting thing is such an emotional roller coaster at times. Hang in there!

  7. Nutella crepes are heavenly! She is just too stinking cute!

  8. Hahah - at the mental picture of Olivia wiggling her toes at you! Oh man! 17 month old teenager? I'm only 3 months behind you! Say it ain't so! Good thing they're so freaking adorable! That crepe is oh-so-deserved!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  9. Olivia brushing her hair! She looks so sweet and innocent.

    My 22 month only Jameson is quite the trouble maker lately.. A couple months ago I read a book "123 Magic" ( it's defiantly a game changer!! The first time he sat in time out and stayed there until I told him to get up I ran in the other room screaming "WINNING!! Yes!!!" Haha!! Good luck with your 17 month old teenager.

    Keli Morrissey

    Morrissey Made


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