The Momiform

Ready for some selfies (my least favorite word, next to "moist")?

The last thing I would call myself (other than athletic) is a fashion blogger. If I stay at home, chances are I'm in yoga pants. Exhibit A:

I wear my glasses 75% of the time. Exhibit B:

And clothes shopping can be tough...

But sometimes I have to get it together and give the yoga pants a break (they've earned it) and put clothes on that aren't 90% spandex. Enter the momiform.

I have a couple style combos that work for me and I don't tend to stray from them. My postpartum bod isn't rockin' but it's fine. I weigh less than before I got pregnant but my six pack is a far off dream (due entirely to my lack of effort). I've figured out what works both for my figure and for toddler wrangling and hope that it comes off as pulled together. 

My first staple is jeans. I tend to prefer jeggings, especially Gap skimmers and Target. I go for dark washes (they hide chocolate) and the stretch in them works well for bending down to pick up Olivia, her Easter eggs, her sippy cup, and 100 other things 100 times each day, much easier.

My second staple is blouses or oxfords (above is from Gap and below is Zara). They're comfortable and I found these to be especially forgiving in the months immediately after having Olivia and continue to fit many pounds lighter. Jeggings with a blouse usually end up with flats (Tory Burch Revas are my fave), sandals (gold gladiator style or Jack Rogers), or wedges.

I also love knee length dresses, usually those that fall straight. I stock up on these at Target (like the one below) because they're easy to throw on, they look pulled together, and they can be super affordable. I will warn you that your toddler might try to pull your skirt up in public and hide under there, so tread cautiously. I'll wear sundresses most days this summer (since I don't do shorts).

I love a good statement necklace, usually my only accessory other than my initial necklace and wedding rings. This one is J Crew Factory and it's a cinch to throw on over an oxford to dress things up a little.

Getting ready in the morning usually looks like this, so easy, go to outfits or a "momiform" if you will, is the only way those yoga pants are getting a reprieve. I have a big closet but I keep a garment rack in our bedroom with my favorite, most worn items so they're close at hand and easy to grab. I keep a steamer out there too so I can smooth the wrinkles out of all the clothes I've let sit in the dryer for 4 days.

I'd love to hear what other ladies (moms or not) throw on quickly to feel put yoga pants are begging you.


  1. I know this is a bit random but I've got to say it...your glasses frames look brilliant on you! I love them. I wear glasses myself and find that the "perfect" pair of glasses are not easy to find (if they do actually exist).

  2. Jeans & crops are my go-to bottoms and I especially love the colored denim crops I snagged from Target last year. As far as tops, tanks, v-neck tees and oxfords are what I gravitate towards most. If I need to look a little more "pulled together" I'll wear a "dressier" tank in a peplum or more flowy style and add a pair of cute wedges. I'm a total sandal and flip-flop wearer and 90% of my shoes are for warmer weather months, which I guess is good because north TX is warm/sweat your balls off hot from about April-October! I have a few everyday jewelry pieces and then throw on some bracelets and/or an extra necklace if I'm really feeling like looking like a million bucks. HA! Dresses and maxi skirts are def. great options if you don't love shorts because you are totally going to melt in Houston. The humidity combined with the heat is inhumane! At least we've got low humidity and a straight convection oven-type dry heat around DFW!

  3. since I'm a working mom M-F, my momiform on the the same; jeans/jean capris with a tee/tank. I hate shorts. And as I learned from this past weekend, taking Jack (17 mo) to the car wash with me.... long dresses and trying to wrangle in a toddler do not mix. I also, used to wear high heels ALL the TIME. now, i wear flats/fashion flip flops.

    BTW, how do you manage to take her shopping with you? Not in a stroller? I wouldn't even imagine to take my lil jack anywhere without a stroller.... he'd be the one crawling under the dressing room door, while i'm dressing....

  4. You have said my dream sentence "I weigh less now than before I was pregnant" please let this happen to me. I'll take a little body rearrangement if it means some lbs disappear! I have no idea what my mom wear will be like (I suppose Lululemon is not acceptable 100% of the time especially for my wallet) However I am going to be sad to sad goodbye to maternity pants - ahh the amazingness of an elastic waistband!

  5. I love sundresses and I will wear A-line skirts just above the knee with solid color v-neck tops and a belt to change it up here and there. I love Maxi dresses/skirts. I own a few pairs of shorts that I like that I'll pair with a looser top. I also love tunic tank tops and leggings. I have a faux leather pair from express that make my usual legging momiform seem a little more put together. Well I think so anyway lol. I think you look great in your glasses!

  6. My mom uniform is similar to yours, minus the wedges! ;) Though I'm trying to ease back into heels. Many days, it's Lululemon head-to-toe. Then: Jeggings/Leggings + blouse/tunic/tee on top. Toms/Revas/Ballerina Flats/Sandals. Necklaces are something I'm working on training Kaitlyn not to pull. Stud/non-dangling earrings and bangle bracelets are my main accessories, if anything. Since having a little one, I have amassed quite a few pairs of J Crew chino shorts in different colors.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  7. Sounds like just like my "momiform"! I was also completely against shorts pre-baby, but I have finally succumbed. I found some super comfy paige denim ones from Nordies that I am loving. And maxi dresses for days. It's hard to pull off any shorter dresses with all the bending down that comes with having a toddler!

  8. my fall/winter momiform is skinny jeans or leggings, a {long} tank, cardi and boots. Spring summer will be maxis, skinny jeans, tunics, revas, flip flops or gladiators. Something comfy and easy! And of yoga pants!

  9. maxi, maxi, maxi dresses!! Leggings and tunics. And more maxi dresses. :) (Also, love my Tieks and Rainbow leather flip flops. Plus gladiator sandals are in the mix too with warmer weather.)

  10. jeans and t-shirts or tank tops and occasionally a nice blouse -if I have a reason to dress up. As much as I love summer, I don't like the fact that it is too hot to wear jeans because I do not like wearing shorts. Typically I'll just wear knee length skirts in the sumer, but with a little one to chase around and who likes to pull things up (and down) I am not seeing skirts as being such a wise option for me this year, if I want to maintain any sense of modesty. Maybe it's time to invest in some crops? I love that you shared this, it sounds a lot like what I wear and gives me a few new fun ideas :)

  11. this post cracks me up! i always put on make up with a two-year-old perched on my vanity counter. i've been working on the mom uniform lately too...and you're right, dark pants are a must! :)


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