Loving Lately

Shall we start with the trivial and work our way to the (sorta) deep?

1. These sunglasses (for a steal!)

Not sure what the mad face is all about because I'm not mad at all about these.

2. These shoes for Olivia. 

Impossible for me to get a non-blurred photo of her feet these days, so just trust me, they're adorable on.

3. The situations I find Olivia in. 

The girl is into everything.

4. Productive Afternoons

A three hour nap yesterday (hers not mine, unfortunately) was majorly conducive to getting some serious work done even though I almost killed the UPS driver who rang the bell, not once, but twice during said nap.

5. Her little spirit. 

She loves to "fly" and comes over to me when I'm sitting, points at my feet, and says "peeeese"

Oh, and I love Fridays.

For all you Moms (current and to-be) out there, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day that leaves you feeling rested and appreciated!


  1. Those sneaks are too cute! And love the new sunnies :) Have a wonderful mother's day this weekend lady!! xx

  2. Her little piggy tails? I die. So adorable!

  3. Oh man I share your frustration with the UPS driver. My husband's job requires lots of deliveries ordered to our house. As soon as I would see them pull up I would run like a lunatic to the window waving my arms. I now have a permanent signed taped over the doorbell with electrical tape haha. I might have been called a nap police but nap times save my sanity!

  4. She is the cutest little babe!! I am so excited for my glittery pink headband to arrive! Yay!


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