Loving Lately: Products

Oh hey there, Friday! You took forever to get here so let's hope you were worth the wait!

I haven't done a good product post lately, so here's some favorites lately in case you need the inspiration for the shopping I hope you'll all be doing this weekend so I may live vicariously through you. Unless you want to trade...you can steam mop my floors and I'll hit the shops? Takers? Anyone?

1. Kiehl's Eye Cream

Another Veronika recommendation and loving it! 

2. OPI Polish in I Love Applause and Vinylux Top Coat

This color has dethroned Fiji as my new favorite pink and I even brought it to the nail salon for my manicure last weekend. I refrained from bringing the top coat, but I apply that every couple days and it really, really keeps my polish from chipping. If I'm not doing shellac, this is the combo I'm going for and I'm obsessed. 

This is an almost spot on photo of how it looks - it's almost white, which I really love, but the light doesn't really do it justice.

3. I hate myself for loving any Kardashian beauty product, but I can't help it. This tinted lip balm rocks. 

And what's a Friday without a selfie where I look like a fool?

4. Throw another can into my gigantic pile of dry shampoos. It's a sickness, one I have no desire to cure.

This stuff is cheap, comes in a huge can, and works. In my pursuit of giant hair I use it daily for volume and to procrastinate extend my time between washes.

5. I tried this Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream when I ran out of my Living Proof goodness, and I really like this! 

Again, I'm always trying to avoid re-washing/re-styling hair and I love anything that helps my laziness by keeping my style so I'll be keeping this in the rotation.

That's all I've got this week, friends! Thanks for reading yet another week's worth of synaptic misfires and being so awesome! Don't forget to follow on Instagram (@willowcrowns) if you just have to/need to/ can't live without seeing more!


  1. the CND top coat...doesn't that require a UB/UVA light? because it's a shellac basically? or do you just apply like a regular polish top coat?

    1. It's just like a regular polish which is why I love you! I do give it a few extra minute to dry but it's amazing!

  2. The comment about the Kardashian lip balm made me laugh! I couldn't agree more!
    (That dry shampoo is my absolute favorite! - it's so good and so cheap! :) Happy Weekend!


  3. I love that nail color and I too have a dry shampoo obsession. Mostly because I'm too lazy to wash and style my hair every day! ha ha! Thanks for the recommendations! xx

  4. What I took away from this post is how envious I am that Olivia gets an awesome birthstone like sapphire. Peridot is just so not my jam!

  5. Your makeup is flawless! I seriously neglect my poor nails these days. If I ever get around to painting them, I never have time to finish with the topcoat! But seeing as how long it's been since I've gotten a gel mani (sob), I should check out this CND one. Do you think it's better than Seche Vite?

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

    P.S. I always love seeing your ring stack! Is it sapphire or black diamonds?

    1. Thank you! I haven't tried the Seche Vite but I really love the CND. It doesn't get pillow lines over night :) My ring is actually tanzanite - it's the December birthstone and was a gift from my husband when my daughter was born :)


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