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I'm not in pain, promise. Don't let the thumbnail fool you (thanks for the great options, YouTube). Once of these days I'll get less lazy and make a custom one for each video. That day isn't today.


Enjoy your weekends!

Willow & Co is 1!

So the 'ol blog turned one yesterday.

Want to know a secret?

I needed you all. I needed the blog. Big time.

We had just moved here and I was having a hard time coping with Ryan's new work schedule, being away from home, and struggling to put myself out there to meet new people. Being able to put stuff out there and connect with other ladies like you really helped get me over the hump. Without the blog, I probably never would have started the Etsy shop, and don't even get me started on what a difference that's made for me.

I love that we can come on here every day and sit down with our coffees and chat about the important things. Nail polish, maxi dresses that flatter your post partum bod, mom fails, Target scores, and DIYs. It makes me happy and helps me feel connected when I'm feeling alone on mom island.

So thanks!

We made red velvet cupcakes yesterday (that I properly blogger documented) and it seemed appropriate for a blog birthday.

Enjoy your reprieve from iPhone photos. It won't last long!


Wardrobe Purge

How often do you pop on to someone's blog and expect them to talk about wanting fewer items of clothing?

Oh, never, you say? Well today's the day I'm shaking things up.

I have too much junk in my closet. I'm sick of feeling like I have nothing to wear, struggling to put together outfits that are comfortable and flattering, and tired of feeling like I need to spend more money to have things to wear.

I've read about the capsule wardrobe and while I don't think it's for me (I really do love to shop), there are some aspects of it that really spoke to me. I like the idea of being able to see exactly what you have because it's not all crammed in there, of knowing that everything you have is a piece you love, and easily being able to get dressed in the morning.

So. Ready for some poorly lit, high quality iPhone snaps?

I took everything out of my closet. Everything.

I only put back the things I loved, that fit me, and that flattered me.

Also, duplicates had to go. How many black maxi dresses do you need? One, not seven. Same goes for rompers. There were three hanging next to each other and only two had been worn regularly, so the other one had to go.

I was ruthless, items with sentimental value went. Oh I bought that for my honeymoon but still haven't worn it? Probably won't, into the bag. Six blazers and dress slacks? I'm a stay at home mom, one of each is enough for the occasional funeral. Get what I'm saying?

I had just done a big purge a couple months ago so I had less to work with, but I still managed to get rid of 50 more items, leaving me with 68 total. I think I've taken my wardrobe down to 1/4 of its original size and love it.

This allowed me to see what I felt like I had for holes in my wardrobe (I really don't have a everyday jacket, so I ordered this one - on sale!), and helped me really identify my style. I love skinny leg pants with flowy, loose tops. I got rid of so many oxfords, fitted tees, and other things I never wore.

It was so annoying to get rid of Zara and J Crew pieces after spending good money on them, but never wearing them, so I'm determined to only buy things I love from now on or that fill a hole in my wardrobe, like the jacket. Just think - all those $20 shirts I never wore, could have been a gorgeous $100 item I loved but felt I couldn't afford, since I'd blown it on 5 cheaper tops I didn't really like. I feel dumber the longer I type, so maybe I should stop.

The bottom line is that the past few days of getting dressed have been a breeze. I'm not dying to jump back into sweatpants the second we get back from errands or a playdate because I like what I have on. To that end, I thought it could be fun to share with you five pieces I'm especially loving and can't wait to wear this Fall.

amazing vest | old J crew sweater - similar here | black dolman sleeve sweater | same amazing vest in different color | aztec sweater from TJ Maxx

If it survived the purge, you know they're good.

The elbow patches on the old J Crew sweater are just my favorite - what is it about patches?!

The much coveted herringbone J Crew vest has been restocked at Factory and it's awesome. Same goes for the green one I picked up last year. I wore it constantly so I knew the herringbone would get tons of wear.

The dolman sleeve sweater from Old Navy (on sale currently) is a great staple and I like the shorter sleeves for the Fall heat in Texas.

So there you have it - another riveting post about life issues - wardrobe purging.

I was initially a little scared I'd be left with nothing to wear, but I was already feeling that way, so I'm glad I took the plunge. How about you?

Family Photos

While we were in Maine in August, I recruited my favorite photographer to take some family photos for my parents' 50th birthdays. I also wanted some for myself. I know, selfish.

She never, ever disappoints and I always, always have a stroke when I see them for the first time. 

Want to see?

One of my favorite things about these sessions is that Danielle never tries to pose Olivia. She knows as well as I do that that would be an exercise in futility. She lets her run around and just captures the chaos in the nicest possible way. She be gifted.

She also knows how much I love detail shots and got tons of close ups of little feet, ponytails, and crinkly eyed smiles. I won't share those because you've been such troopers and I don't want to punish you further.

Basically, I love them and have already uploaded some to the Walgreens website so I can pick them up, crazy lady style.

Tomorrow we're talking about clothes. Get excited.

Weekend Photos

There was actually a minute when I sat down to write this that I thought "nah, nothing interesting happened, I'll write about something else". Then I remembered that bringing you all the banal details of our lives is what I do, so weekend photos it is!

In an unexpected twist, Houston dropped down into the 60s and 70s this weekend. I know it won't last and that this week will be back up in the 90s, but I don't care. Two cool days is enough to get me through. We celebrated with sweatpants. Obviously.

Blatant photo re-use comes to you courtesy of my Instagram

We also needed matching nails.

We stayed in bed a lot. A lot.

And watched a few (dozen) Disney movies. The phrase "Liv, that's too close" is coming out of my mouth just as often as "don't eat that" and "keep your diaper on, please" lately. 

We managed to pull ourselves (by that I mean myself) together enough to make it out for dinner with a friend on Saturday night.

When we go out, it's usually to City Centre (in case you're ever in the area) and I got lobster enchiladas which were amazing, despite sounding slightly strange.

We wrapped up Sunday with crepes, many many stickers, and another movie. It was just how I'd want our weekends to be every week, minus the black eye Olivia is sporting after falling into the bed frame when she tripped over her own shadow. Ryan says it's character building, I'm tempted to just start strapping pillows to her face.

Hope you had a great one!

Fall Polish Favorites

Oh hey there! If you clicked over here this morning with hopes of some deep, significant, and relevant content today....you're in luck. I'm talking about nail polish. 

I said in last week's video (aka your daily dose of awkward) that I was ready to move on to darker nail colors and I wasn't lying. Meet the ladies.

The temperature in Texas may not be cooperating with it's 90 something degree stubbornness, but I'm going to layer on many many coats of Fall polishes until I get my Fall fix. These four are my favorites and cover all the basic categories: a dark, a red, a pink, and a neutral.

The navy is the perfect dark without looking too harsh against my skin and the red has a little bit of shimmer with some burgundy tones that are absolutely perfect for Fall. As a big fan of pink and neutral nails, the pink is a safe go to, but with a touch of mauve to keep it from feeling Summery. Then there's gray. I do love gray. This is a good opaque one.

I also like to use these as a base and topcoat. The CND vinylux is the best top coat I've found so far in terms of no chipping.

I haven't decorated for Fall yet, but I've moved my seasonal polishes to the front of the display. Priorities.

So now that we've covered the serious stuff, I have to know. What's your favorite Fall polish? Or beauty product for that matter. Give me the goods, you know I'm always looking for something new to try.

And as a p.s. I'm writing this remembering that it's September 11th. I'll always remember being in my Freshman English class hearing the news over the intercom and I'll always spend this day thinking of those who lost friends and family members and hugging my loved ones a little tighter.

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