Paper + Spark - Giveaway!

Since I'm in the middle of redoing both my office and Olivia's toddler room, I was pretty darn excited  (and convinced she'd emailed the wrong person) when Janet from Paper + Spark contacted me about the launch of her new business, which offers fresh and functional paper goods and every day essentials for the home and office (that's how she puts it - I could never be that eloquent). She offered to send me a couple of items from her new shop so I could talk about them here and I'm so glad I agreed! I made myself wait five whole minutes before I wrote back YES, so I totally came across as calm and cool. Right.

I'm a sucker for trays (there's a huge tray on my ottoman, one in my bathroom, and another in my kitchen) so I just had to have a couple more. Since I'm a double sucker for a monogram or any personalization, I went with personalized acrylic trays - one for my office and one for Olivia's room. Wanna see?

This is just one little corner of my office so far. I need another couple desks (on their way from the almighty IKEA) because stuff just seems to keep spreading and spreading.

In the midst of all the chaos, it's nice to have a little decoration that reminds me not to get too crabby, and a place to store pieces while they're waiting to get shipped out. 

You can customize the trays with patterns, monograms, names, etc. so clearly I could have ordered a dozen. They're really high quality and sturdy and I love that they have handles. I envision myself being brought breakfast in bed on one of these for my birthday. Clearly this is after a glass of wine.

Olivia's room is getting little makeover and I've been looking for something to put on her little table, so the tray was perfect. She loves to play tea time, and is always pouring us cup after cup of imaginary tea, until we beg her to stop.

I asked for this tray in navy with her little monogram and I just love it. I'm toying with maybe using it in her bathroom in between the double sinks to hold soap, hair bows, etc. but for now it's a tea tray.

The very best part of this is that Janet is giving you a chance to win your own customized tray! Yay, right?

Just enter below!

She's also been sweet enough to offer you all a 10% discount with the code WILLOW10 which is valid through 11/15.

Since you need to check all her great products out, here are some links to click on, should you find yourself anxious to know more!

Website & Shop:

I'm hoping to film you all a video for Loving Lately today, which means I have to go throw an actually (not ratty) shirt on to wear with my yoga pants, so I'll leave you here. Have a great Wednesday and I hope you win!

Striking a Balance

Let's get ready to ramblllllllle!

Get it?

Ok, moving on.

Yesterday's weekend photos were light hearted and I've got a fun giveaway lined up for tomorrow, so I  thought I'd mindlessly ramble at you today. It just seemed to make sense. I'm talking about balance. It's a universal struggle I'm sure, especially for parents.

Balance is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. How to balance the needs of a busy toddler, a growing business, personal interests, and making time for Ryan and me. My first step so far has been coffee.

Walks to clear my head help.

Especially when they involve coffee.

In all seriousness, I'm trying to work out how to keep everything feeling balanced, not get overwhelmed, and feel like I'm checking all the boxes that need to get checked at home, with hubby, with WC, and with the babe.

I really find that walks with Olivia help. Getting outside does us both so much good and I feel like she naps better after which gives me time to get work done. Not to mention I can sit down to work with a clear head.

My priority is always our family, but I often feel like there are times I drop the ball. 

"Am I teaching her all the things I'm supposed to be?". 

"Am I a slacker wife because we're eating Subway for dinner again?". 

"She just dragged her syrup covered plate through her hair....can I get a way with just rubbing a baby wipe over it?"

Daily questions.

As far as figuring out how to fit more hours in the day, I'm still working on that. Until then, I'm making sure I stop and tell myself to chill out, that it's just headbands, it's ok if she runs around naked 75% of the day, and that I don't know a lot of people here yet so it's fine if I go to the grocery store in my sweatpants with all my adolescent acne (seriously, skin?!) exposed for all the world to see.

We're making it a point to get a babysitter at least every two weeks so we can have a date, I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour (most of the time), and I'm trying not to worry too much about Olivia's complete disinterest in using words.

Date night, good for the soul, bad for the waistline.

Then I stop to tell myself that I'm a weenie. I have one kid, just one. It will all be fine. Although if one. more. stranger. tells me to get cracking on baby number 2, I might roll my eyes so hard they get lost in my skull.

So that's where I'm at. Don't leave me alone on Mom Island - tell me you worry about this stuff too? Even better, tell me how you find balance, I'm all ears. 

Weekend Photos

We've spent the last two weekends working really hard around the house. After a Summer of traveling and relaxing, the house was looking slack. I've been purging/organizing closets, pantries, the fridge, freezer, and working on the office and guest rooms while Ryan is trimming grass and working on getting the office (which has been at a standstill since February) finished. We've also got two sets of company coming in October, so I'm highly motivated.

We stop only for food (mostly take out Mexican) and to build blanket forts with the nugget. Or the occasional Target trip. If you say you didn't see that coming, you're either new or a liar.

Here we go:

Wine and popcorn on Friday night. Movie of choice? Not sure, pretty confident I instagrammed through it.

A quick stop by Ryan's office on Friday to bring him an iced coffee and show off her giant apple. We're happy he's home for many reasons, one of which being the return to our weekly visits to bring him treats.

My favorite meal ever, grilled cheese and tomato soup for an easy dinner.

Outfit for dinner with Britt and Veronika. I obviously changed my mind after I snapped this.

jeans | purse is old | shoes are old and ordered while in labor

On a date with Dad while mom was shoveling Mexican food.

Part of picking up the house means weeding. Lots 'o weeding.

Cabinets for the office, made by hand by the handiest husband around.

It's Sunday night, I've got fresh sheets, and a kiddo due up at 7, so I guess I'll see you on the other side.


Loving Lately

Thanks for stopping by again, ladies! Links to everything mentioned in the video below, as well as some shots of the jeans and top on!

Top (I swear you'll look 10 lbs thinner) | Jeans (the perfect distressed denim) | Perfume | Lipgloss | Macadamia Repair Oil


Top and tiny person mirror smudges.

Happy Friday!


When I stepped outside yesterday to retrieve a stray boot that Olivia absolutely had to have rightthissecondorI'lldie , I practically freaked out when I felt a cool breeze on my face. It's finally cooling off in Texas and I couldn't throw a vest on quick enough. I posted this on Insta already, so repeat photo offending, but I'm a little obsessed with vests this year. Sure, sure it will be back to 90 again soon, but let's enjoy the vest wearing days while they last.

I talked about these vests last week when I was talking about my wardrobe purge, but they're worth revisiting because they're going to be a Fall (and Winter) staple around here. We don't often need coats because it just doesn't get that cold, so vests are the perfect outerwear in these parts and Liv and I are both stocked up.

I'm a little smitten with how they look on her. Don't let her innocent face fool you. Lambie was promptly run over after this photo was snapped and she didn't even look down. If you can't keep up, don't stroll with us.

I really love these vests because they're not bulky (I don't buy anything that adds bulk, I had a 30 lb pregnancy weight gain for that) and they're neutral enough to pair with lots of different items.

I'm looking forward to styling these (for her and myself), so stay tuned for some killer smudged mirror selfies.

The J Crew herringbone is still available on the Factory website and they're running a 30% off sale right now, if you feel so inclined.

hers (old navy, sold out) | mine

Speaking of styling, help a sloppy mom out - what are your favorite ways to style your vests?

10 Random Photos

Because I feel like it would be rude to just throw a blank screen on here this morning, I'll type. But my heart's not in it. 
Or my brain. 
I'm out of excuses for my lack of creativity too (husband being back and all), so apologies from the bottom of my Starbucks loving little heart.

Serendipitously, Steph (aka my cross country other half) was suffering a similar mental blog block, so we're teaming up to bring you a whole lotta random today. 

The parking lot in our living room.

This kid has got to learn how to relax.

The world's most amazing top for date night that I can't wait to talk to you about on Friday.

Judging the crap out of the neighbor girls. Twelve year olds think they're so cool.

Prepping for a weekly WC FaceTime meeting with Steph.

A rare straight hair day.

I couldn't have picked this magazine up quicker if they'd changed the name to "Megan".

If you've made it this far, you deserve a medal. 


Weekend Photos

In case you don't follow me on Instagram (you're missing coffee photos, selfies, and photos of my kid, so hurry), Ryan is home! He's been gone for 4 weeks and in the past month, we've seen him for 2 days. Military spouses and single parents : how do you do it? I'm know I'm a weenie with my whining over here, but that solo parenting thing is no joke. You all get my undying respect.

I didn't mention he was gone because I didn't want anyone showing up at my house and demanding the entirety of my embarrassingly large nail polish collection or insisting that I make them a headband, so you know....

In any event, he's home and we seriously enjoyed our first weekend back together.  We somehow managed to have enough time to work really hard around the house and have time for a date and some relaxation, thanks to a time warp known as caffeine. 

Happy to finally be standing with someone who has bigger feet than me.

Olivia was psyched to spend most of the weekend wearing nothing but stickers, the Pats won, and the weather was gorgeous. No complaints over here.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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