Labor Day Weekend

Don't you just love a long weekend? I woke up yesterday thinking it was Sunday, so it makes easing into another week much easier! We spent a lot of the weekend getting the house cleaned, suitcases unpacked, laundry done, and just getting back into the groove after two weeks away and we're ready to hit the ground (and the gym) running today.

Can I rewind and show you a super flattering photo first?

Sent to Steph on our way home from the airport to display my joy at being back in a state with fountain Diet Dr. Pepper and waffle fries.  That's not a grimace, it's what a tears of joy face looks like.  Flying solo with a toddler (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I've milked that cow 'til it's dry) makes me parched, hence the giant beverage.

Please tell me you all have someone in your life who you can text like this with. It's the best.

As for the rest of our weekend, here's some random photos to tell the tale, since I'm running low on sleep and have over 40 (eek!!) orders waiting for me in the shop - thanks for being so great and keeping me busy! 

I'm still loving the warm weather here and that it's conducive to easy, casual outfits. This dress and these shorts have been staples recently and were easy to throw on before heading to the grocery store or Target when I got home and found we had no milk or toilet paper. I think I'm finally ready to give my Longchamp a rest for a few days and use white after Labor Day (gasp!) since I love this old white bag from TJ Maxx so much. There will be so so much time for cool weather clothes, and I'm taking my time thinking about which pieces I'd like for Fall. Any must haves you're loving?

The lady of the house is more than a little peeved that her full time staff has been downsized from 4-5 adults to 1 and is clingy. She's wrapped around my ankle, usually with a complaint most of her waking hours. She flat out refused to let me make the bed. Oh well, at least she wasn't dragging her waffles in there.

Her footwear of choice. Rain or shine.

New favorites. Get 'em.

Grocery trips, brought to you by the letter C. C for coffee and car cart. C for crap, why are we always out of flipping milk?

Amazon Luxury Beauty - A Giveaway!!

I couldn't be more excited about today's post and I can't think of a better way to kick off a Monday (and the month of September!) than with a major giveaway from Amazon Luxury Beauty!

Let me rewind though.

When we were living in Boston my husband was going to grad school full time and while he was doing schoolwork, I was making friends with his classmates and their spouses. It was an awesome two years for me personally and I met some amazing friends that we are still close with today. One of them is my friend Kara. 

She was a classmate of Ryan's who I met on the very first day and we've been close ever since. Not only is she the sweetest and incredibly smart, she's got a very, very cool job. Kara is the marketing manager for Amazon Luxury Beauty and she decided you all needed some amazing cosmetics. Isn't she the best?

She sent me some of her current top picks to test out and review and another set of the same items to give away to one of you! So let's talk makeup. 

I'm a mascara junkie, so I was really anxious to try this out. I have the wimpiest lashes and am pretty sloppy when it comes to applying mascara, so it's always interesting to try a new one.

Overall, I loved this mascara. It's a nice curved brush which makes it a much less messy application for me. It fit right along the natural curve of my lash line and I didn't end up with it all over my eyelid like I normally do. I loved the color payoff and how it lengthened my stumpy lashes, as well as its staying power. The photo on the left is with no mascara at all and the photo on the right is after eight hours of wear. This was also a very smooth formula and absolutely no clumping, which is amazing after you apply eight coats as I tend to do.

I was a little nervous upon first opening this lipstick. It looks dark and I don't find that's a good look for me. Don't be scared though! As you can see, it swatches as a really beautiful berry color and looks really flattering on. I've worn this almost daily since receiving it and think it's a great color to transition from Summer into Fall. 

This has an SPF 15 which is ideal for this time of year since the sun is still bright and the days are still warm. It's got a really nice slip to it and applies like a balm, which is a requirement for me when it comes to lipstick. A lot of lipsticks tend to look patchy or caked on when I apply them, but this has a really nice balm-like quality with impressive wear time. Working almost like a stain, it applies so smoothly but the color stays around long after you apply. 

This was the only item I wasn't thrilled with, but don't go yet. While the color didn't do much for my skin tone, I think it would be ideal on someone else. It's a really pretty nude that I would absolutely be drawn to in a store or salon, just darn my pale, pale skin. That being said, I love Butter London polishes for lots of reasons. The application is the primary reason I love BL, because it has a nice wide brush that makes it easy to apply a full layer with fewer strokes which equals faster drying time and a smoother look. The formula is thin, making it easy to apply multiple coats for an opaque look and I also really love the packaging - it's so sleek and the square top pops off to expose a small round handle that makes it very easy to maneuver. Even if this isn't your shade, there are tons to choose from over on Amazon.

I love sunscreen year round and it totally qualifies as a beauty product in my book. This product is available in a mist and a gel, which I can't speak to, but I can say that I loved the lotion. I'm not super picky about sunscreen when it comes to my body - as long as it keeps me from burning, but my face is a different story.

I've been having the hardest time with breakouts this summer. I've been working out more (so sweating more), it's been super hot (even more clogged pores), and we're outside a lot which means sunscreen on my face. My jawline has been a mess so it was actually the perfect time to test this stuff out on my face, since it couldn't get much worse. I wore it under my makeup (and without primer) every day for a week and was so impressed! My breakouts healed and I didn't get any more, so it's definitely not a pore clogger. It's fairly matte and I didn't feel any shinier at the end of the day than without it, and I got the sun protection my fair skin really needs. I don't need sun spots in addition to acne scars, thanks. 

My favorite part, though? It smells good and is reminiscent of the Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen smell, which I personally love. I really liked the pump dispenser as well - it's mess free since you can just put the cap on, throw it in your bag, and go. 

I saved the best for last.

I l-o-v-e this. 

I'm terrible about moisturizing. Really bad. I hate putting lotion all over after showering and then trying to pull clothes on my sticky limbs. This is a dry oil, so after you rub it in, it's gone. It has a little bit of shimmer which is great for Summer, but I'm thinking I'm going to rock it year round. It gives you this lightly tanned look without the rays and it smells amazing. 

So now the fun part. Go ahead and enter to win all these products (a $240 value!). The giveaway will close next Monday so you've got a week to get your entries in. If you don't win, you should still check out Amazon's Luxury Beauty selection. If you're a regular Amazon shopper like me, you won't regret taking a couple extra minutes to swing through there before you check out with your diapers, wipes, kids books, etc. Good luck, I really hope you win!

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Loving Lately: Toddler Edition

I made another video and you have no one to blame but yourselves. That's what you get for encouraging me. Sorry!

I'm talking toddler stuff today and if you just want to click back on Monday because tear free shampoo and sippy cups aren't your thang, it won't hurt my feelings. Not even a little bit. 

Have an awesome long weekend!

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, Maine, it's been fun. We'll be back for Christmas but until then, I'm packing up my toddler, all the goldfish in the world and headed back to good 'ol Texas. 

I've got my fingers crossed for an on time flight, an iPad that has properly downloaded every conceivable episode of Daniel Tiger, and ample patience.

See you tomorrow for another video...oh yeah, that's right. I made another one.

Guest Post: Fun with Food

My attempts at crafty mom often fall short, but thank goodness for Instagram and its ability to let me live vicariously through moms who've mastered the art of fun food. Bree started as an Etsy customer, turned insta-friend who has the sweetest babe just about Olivia's age. After seeing some of her fun and healthy breakfast creations, I asked her if she'd guest post for me so you all could be inspired by her, rather than bored by me. Thankfully, she said yes.

Hi everyone! I'm Bree, momma to a sweet 22 month old babe named Peyton and blogger over at

I'm so honored that Megan asked me to guest post about some of my favorite breakfast ideas for little ones.

Whoever said you can't play with your food doesn't live in our house ;) When it comes to feeding Peyton, I try and make meal time fun for her/us. She is one busy little toddler who enjoys building with blocks, loving on her baby dolls and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; breakfast better be worth taking a break from playing!

Most of the meals and snacks I make are from ideas that I've found on Pinterest. I still can't believe people ever lived without it. I will usually change up a few foods depending on what P prefers and what we have in the kitchen.

Simple & easy is my style. We all know how fast a hungry toddler can get you moving! Here are five of our favorite 'fun' breakfasts. They take just a few minutes to put together.

Sunshine: An orange slice, Kix cereal, blueberries & a strawberry

Ice Cream: A waffle, slices of bananas & a raspberry on top ;)

Peanut Butter Bear: Whole wheat toast, peanut butter, bananas & blueberries (I've also seen it made with oatmeal)

Watermelon Slice: White toast, strawberry spread, raisins & green grapes - we cut them up before eating

Fruit Flag: Watermelon, bananas & blueberries (perfect for Labor Day weekend!)

These fun breakfasts are worth every second of making when you see your little one's face light up (and a plate that's fully cleared) Everyone wins in my book! ;)

You can also follow us on Instagram (breegale) Thanks so much for letting us share, Megan!

Our Own Traditions

With our time in Maine coming to a close I'm thinking about the months ahead before we come back. We'll have visitors and really love living in Texas, so it's not as though I'm dreading going back, but it's got me thinking about living away from family and what that means. 

This first year was kind of a blur and I felt like our families really made the effort to fly down, spend a lot of time with us, and help us adjust to our new life, so it's just now really hitting me that we're as far away as we are. Not entirely sure why I'm having such a delayed reaction, but oh well.

Fall being just around the corner is playing a part too. It's my favorite season and it's a little weird that I won't see my family for my birthday, go apple picking with my cousins, or to think about how they won't get to see Olivia in her Halloween costume. I used to carve pumpkins with my grandparents and head over to their houses on Halloween every year, so I'm thinking about what traditions we'll start with our own little family now that we live away.

My little elephant last year.

We'll pick pumpkins, paint or carve them, drink apple cider, and trick or treat and all that, but I'm just kind of thinking about things we can do to make the seasons special and what traditions she'll remember when she grows up. 

My ideas so far:

Yeah. I need to get Pinteresting. Any suggestions for favorite Fall activities that you loved as a kid? Also, if you're in Houston and know of some great places to visit for petting zoos/pumpkin picking/corn mazes, etc. please let me know!

Weekend Photos

Thanks so much for all the nice comments on Friday's post and my first video! I think I'll do another one - it was fun and I think it's easier to review products that way sometimes, so stay tuned.

Our amazing photographer kicked my weekend off right with this little family photo preview on Friday:

I texted her something like "I'm having a stroke" which she knows by now is my calm way of saying I liked them, they were fine, I guess they're ok. I posted another one on Instagram if you want to check that out over there, but I'll try not to spam you with more than a couple recycled photos today!

We had a really fun and busy weekend that left us both feeling a little worn out but it was the most fun we've had in a long time, so no regrets over here.

Ryan's best friend got married on Saturday and he was in the wedding, which left me to get ready with the girls, which was such a nostalgic blast. Totally brought me back to college, minus the Freshman 20 I carried with me all four years.

A little highlighting/contouring action with my most awkward smile and fancy top knot. Whenever I highlight, Ryan says I look like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Try hard not to envy the glam, ok?

The wedding guests included nearly all our best friends from college, who came from all over, and that really just made it for us. That and the gelato station.

After a late night, Ryan caught an early flight back to Houston on Sunday morning and Olivia had me up early for some breakfast and chalk.

We spent the rest of Sunday at the lake, taking Liv for her first boat ride, eating blueberry pie, digging in the sand, and soaking up our last weekend in Maine.

Her wild, crazy lady hair is my favorite thing these days.

As ready as I am to get back to my own bed and my own routine, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to most of our families until Christmas in a few days. Silver lining of flying solo with a toddler, though? Doesn't leave much room for grieving. 

Have an awesome week!
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