Frequent Flyers

No, not actual flying. We're frequent flyers at the Starbucks drive thru.

And the post office.

And Target.

And the grocery store. 

You see where I'm going with this?

Essentially, we're as basic as they come. Imagine that I'm writing this to you with a Starbucks cup in hand, trendy throw blanket from Target on the bed, and a perfectly manicured hand on the keyboard. As my sister likes to say "#poselikeablogger "

Ok, so back to my story.

It was a two drive thru day yesterday. Little Miss boycotted her nap and my instructions to "lay quietly with the iPad for a quiet rest for one hour" fell on deaf toddler ears.

Naptime, this ain't.

So, caffeine. 

I had hoped that my drive thru appearance that morning had been sufficiently haggard to prevent the same barista from recognizing me that afternoon when I was properly dry shampooed, concealer-ed, and curled, but no dice. 

"Twice today?! Wow..."

Ok, lady. That's enough judgement. I'll take my $16 coffee and go now.

Then as we pulled into the driveway we greeted the UPS man (one of my favorite people to see, by the way because I just love getting packages), and when I said "thanks so much!" he said "I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow!".

Ok, fine. We get a lot of packages. 

They're mostly for Willow Crowns. I don't have an Amazon Prime addiction. 

Absolutely not.

So what's the point of this other than to reiterate our basic tendencies, bore you out of your mind, and cause you to judge my spending? 

Well, I think it wouldn't kill us to mix things up. We go to the same crepe place every Friday morning (although no way in hell am I changing that, it's too delicious), the same Starbucks each morning, frequent the same play date locations, parks, we even walk the same route to the pond to feed the fish every time. We could probably use a change of scenery, just for our own interests, and also to avoid the judgement from our barista and UPS man.

Just saying.

By the way, want to know what got delivered yesterday?

These sheets. I washed them immediately and popped them on her crib because I freaking love them. They were $12 on sale, and I'm pretty sure she's never going to let me change them. All I heard last night was "BED!" "PINK!" "HAWTS!!"

And I swear to you, if she doesn't nap tomorrow, I'm going to wrap her in the pink heart sheets, burrito newborn style, and drive to the Starbucks all the way across town until she falls asleep. How's that for changing things up?

People Always Ask... can you live in Texas? It's so hot there.

I should add that these people are all from New England where 80 degrees is a legitimate heat wave. So while all my relatives are buried under 30+ inches of snow, I'm enjoying January in Texas.

It's been in the 70's here and it's been iced coffees, trips to the pond down the street to feed the fish, and lots of ball kicking/throwing/interpretive dance in our absolute most fashionable outfits.

jacket (similar)

Granted, the Summer is no joke here. It's haht. 

Thank goodness for AC, pools all over the darn place, and snow cones daily. The Winter though? Just right. This is how I comfort my homesick self during January (the longest month of the year, am I right?). 

We've lived in Texas for 18 months now and last night I told Ryan "I officially love it here". I think he was a little relieved since he asked me to give Houston 2 years and if I didn't like it he'd find a different job. Even though his hours are cah-razy and the stress can be a real b, he actually really likes his job and I don't think he's ready to move on. And I hate moving.

For the past six years we've lived in 2 year increments : 2 years until he goes to grad school, then two years until he finishes grad school, then two years in Texas to see how it goes. You get the gist. I'm so happy that as we round the corner on year number two that we have no plans to do anything other than sink our roots a little deeper into this place. 

It can be a risky little game, putting all your eggs in your husband's basket, you know? Letting his career steer our family's metaphorical minivan was a big gamble for us, but it's definitely been for the best. Before we moved here I was an anxious mess about starting over in a new place with a 7 month old (at the time) and no family for two thousand miles. If I'd known how awesome the Winter was going to be though, I would have hustled to Houston a heck of a lot quicker. 

So long story short, this is the time of year where we normally start looking for a new place to live, making moving arrangements, and all that exhausting stuff, but we're staying put and it's kind of awesome.

Kinda kicks those January blues.

A Week of Wear

What's that you say?

You've seen enough professional photos and great outfits today and you'd like to see some mediocre selfies of my stay at home uniform?

I'm here to oblige.

Honestly, I love seeing what other people wear, especially other moms. It doesn't have to be high end, super stylish, or fancy at all, I just like to see, I'm nosy like that. So in the event that you too like looking at other average, every day outfits, here's what I wore this week.


For grocery shopping, a post office run, and lots of house cleaning I picked a loose neutral sweater, favorite dark jeans, and my favorite Tory Burch flats. I hardly ever swap out my Madwell tote, but this Blair Ritchey Market Tote is always worth the swap!

denim | sweater (old) | flats | tote


Tuesday's outfit was ideal for a busy day. I dropped Liv off at Mother's Day Out, ran to the post office  (like every day), took a Pilates class, and spent the rest of the day in the studio/picking up Liv/back in the studio while she napped. I highly, highly recommend this yoga top from Nordstrom Rack and you know how obsessed I am with my monogrammed Converse!


I swapped back to the Transport Tote for lunch, a playdate, and more WC time on Wednesday. The vest is just the green version of the J Crew Factory vest above and I love both of them, I wear them constantly. Dark denim and another loose sweater. I'm a one trick pony.


The weather on Thursday was awful. It poured rain, the wind was howling and we really just wanted to hunker down and stay inside, but we managed to get ourselves out of the house. Not much to say about this outfit for Mother's Day Out drop off and Pilates. It's just a giant black t-shirt (the best, though) the leggings I linked from Tuesday and a big scarf and boots to stay warm. We ended up spending the rest of the day inside painting, putting stickers on every darn surface, and perfecting our new scream. Awesome.


Friday mornings Liv and I always go for crepes and then hit Target. We followed that up with a playdate, some lunch, and then a big 'ol nap (for her, though I could have gone for one as well). I tackled about six loads of laundry (so so glam) and cleaned our the fridge to try and get us set of rate weekend. Ryan made it home in time for us all to go out to dinner for some BBQ baked potatoes the size of my head, making me glad these jeans had some stretch in them. They're my go to pair when I want a casual, slightly distressed look.


I had the strangest, most vivid dreams that kept me up all night long Friday night so I was wiped when Saturday rolled around. I literally climbed out of bed and into this outfit sans makeup or hair brushing to run errands, finish laundry, and hang out with my people. I wear this sweater (in three different colors) constantly and love how it can be dressed up or down.


Sunday I got a quick polish change, worked on some food prep for the week, and changed into some gym clothes later in the day for a yard work marathon. Ryan got a new power washer and we put that bad boy to the test and I raked until I got blisters, so obviously an outfit change happened somewhere along the line, but it was too sweaty and gross to bother documenting. You're welcome.

Same sweater as above (again, I have like 5 pieces of clothing I just rotate, because I'm super fancy), same jeans, and same flats. Oh yeah, same bag. 

As you can see (and if you made it this far, I'm majorly impressed) there's not a lot of variety to my daily wardrobe - it's a lot of swapping around staples with the occasional scarf thrown in to mix it up. To be honest, it wasn't much different when I worked outside the home. I had a couple pairs of dress pants I loved, and I'd rotate them with low heels or flats and my favorite blouses. I like what I like, right?

Ok, I've tortured you enough, you're free to go look at better, prettier things. Until tomorrow...

Sunday Evenings

I think Sunday evenings get a bad rap. Everyone hates them because its' the end of the weekend, the cusp of a new work week and not many people like to see them come rolling around. I kind of love them though.

Once we've fed and bathed the toddler tyrant (who has been so sweet lately that I'm wondering what little plan she's hatching up in her crib), I settle her in my bed with the iPad and her milk and start my little Sunday ritual.

I pick up the playroom, the living room, and the kitchen (basically the downstairs rooms), make a batch of these super quick for the week, wipe down all the counters, make myself some tea, and then go camp out with Liv.

She watches "mimmi moo" (that's Minnie Mouse in case you don't happen to be fluent in toddler), and I crack open the 'ol laptop for some blogging, online shopping, and at 8 Ryan comes in. We turn off the lights, snuggle her in between the two of us, and say our "I Love You"s before he takes her up to her bed. Then the lights come back on, the laptop comes back out, and I'm back at the internet with a fresh cup of tea. 

While it's certainly not glamorous (color yourself shocked), I love it. I wake up on Monday morning and my house is clean, there's something ready to toss Olivia's way for breakfast, and I'm ready to tackle the week. 

So tonight I'm shopping these sheets for Liv's room ($12 with the coupon code GIFT20, what?!), refilling my favorite lip product of all time, and sipping this sweet cinnamon tea.  Not too shabby.

How are you spending your Sunday evening?

Loving Lately

I was so happy to team up with Cuteheads this week and introduce a clip set and headband designed to match one of their new Spring dresses! The Spring collection along with our pieces debuted at Kendra Scott in Rice Village on Wednesday and I scooped up a pair of earrings before I left. They're this really beautiful pale pink and make me feel like Spring might be right around the corner.

I've been wanting to add a sweet little Valentine's touch to Liv's playroom and loved the garland Alli made for Liv's party so much that I asked if she'd make a mint and pink garland for me, and boy did she deliver. This one is 10 ft long and I looped it a couple times across our wall of Instagram prints (you can get them here, so easy!)

One of my New Year's resolutions was to drink more water and that's manifested in tea. I found this in Target yesterday and I like to sit down with a cup of tea and a Dove chocolate or two (okay, fine, six) and stalk all of your Instagrams. This tea is awesome. Really. Go get it.

I obviously have to include my anthroplogie cup or I'm not a real blogger, right?

How I've gone most of my make up wearing life sans primer is beyond me. I've used some occasionally but never with any consistency, and that's just been dumb. I've been using the Sephora Mattifying Primer for a few weeks and it makes a huge difference in how my makeup goes on (so much smoother, like spackle for my face) and how long it lasts. 

I put my makeup on around 8 am and really want it to last a good 12 hours. I'm talking through errands, diaper change wrestling matches, sloppy open mouth toddler kisses, and the occasional workout. This does the job.

Ah, adult acne. 

I remember my dermatologist telling me when I was 17 that by the time I hit my 20's that my struggles with acne would be a distant memory. Maybe she was just lying because she knew that as she wrote out my 13th (yes, 13) prescription in 6 years that my hysterical teenage self would have a complete meltdown in her office if she told me the truth, because here I am 10 years later still fighting the good fight.

Granted, it's a lot better than it was and no one is calling me pizza face anymore (and holy hell, 7th grade boys are mean), but I'm not a huge fan of the cystic blemishes that pop up every few weeks. Long story short, I've been trying this solution for larger blemishes and it does a super job of drying them up in a snap. Try this out, I think it's worth the money.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend....I'm dreaming of crepes, a gigantic pile of nachos, and lots of laying in bed. 

Loving Two

I've never been the person who says "this age is my favorite" at each new stage. Quite the opposite, actually. I've always been super sad about her getting older (the newborn stage was my absolute favorite, sleepless nights and all) and we've had some tough times that my newbie parent self wasn't prepared for and didn't always handle well.

Months 17-24 were hard for me. I can't place the blame for that on any one thing, but it could have been the travel, Ryan's schedule, her age, where I was at personally, or all of them combined, but I didn't really love that stage. 

I had lots and lots of mom guilt about not having very much fun with my kid, about not being appreciative about getting to be home with her full time, blah, blah, blah. I was a total weenie about it, and that's the truth. I was so frustrated (as was she) by her desire for autonomy coupled with her inability to communicate as effectively as she and I both wanted her to. 

Long story short, I really didn't love that stage and wondered if I'd always feel that way and if I'd just have to get better at dealing with the whining, crying, tantrums, frustration, etc. I think the answer is, yes, I do have to increase my threshold for all of those things because that's a big part of parenting, but lately, things are better.

People say two isn't the worst age and to brace yourself for three, so I'm going to go ahead and say it : I love this age.

I'm going to relish this time as much as I can. She can finally tell me what she wants, she hugs and kisses all day long, she can be bargained with or bought in an emergency (blue lollipops don't fail me now), and she's just about old enough to understand (and sometimes execute) appropriate behavior for different situations. Like how it's ok to strip naked at home, but not the grocery store. 

Nose picking? Well, we're still working on that one.

Not so coincidentally is the fact that she just started Mother's Day Out two days a week, so I'm sure that isn't hurting my patience levels these days, but I can honestly say that so far (a whopping 7 weeks in) two is great.

Since I'm feeling so cheery about this time in her life, I figured it wasn't a bad time to share some favorites for this age.


If I tag these Hunter boots one more time you'll all stop reading, right?

I know it's a blogger cliche, but this kid loves her some rain boots. I think that she likes being able to put them on by herself, and I love that I can just say "go grab your boots" and she's ready to leave. Honestly, I don't even think they need to be of the Hunter variety for her to love them, any rain boot would do, so do yourself a favor and make sure your toddler has a pair of wellies.


Kiddo is loving her Kid Kraft kitchen, any kind of dress up (especially these shoes) and coloring. I love, love, love these crayons because they're tough to break and they're easy for little hands to hold.


She's majorly digging the two piece style PJs lately and I find myself washing the same pair over and over and over. It might be time to break down and buy a couple more pairs, like these.


I made these Oatmeal energy balls from a Pinterest recipe recently and they have been a total hit. Her classroom at school is nut free, so I substituted Sun Butter for peanut butter so she could take them in her lunch and she can't get enough. Since she's a wannabe vegetarian (literally, no meat, ever, she hates it) I'm psyched to get some protein in her with the flaxseed, and they're on the go perfection and stupidly easy to make.

So that's where I'm at with the "terrible twos" these days. I'm hoping to bottle this fun time and crack it open during potty training, public meltdowns, and the terrible threes everyone keeps warning me about.

Weekend Photos

If I had to guess, tomorrow's going to be the kind of Monday that makes me wish it was still Sunday.

 Don't know why, maybe it's just a pessimistic feeling in my gut, but I've got chocolate croissants out thawing to help us ease the transition. That should help my gut feel better.

After nearly a week straight of cold, rainy weather, the sun came out and we couldn't get outside fast enough. I took my best girl out to breakfast Friday morning and then spent some time picking away at all the organizational projects I've half started around the house. I really should work on the pantry, but getting my jewelry set up was way more fun.

A friend of ours was so sweet to come over Friday night and watch Liv so we could have a much needed (and much enjoyed) date night.

We did our best to sleep in on Saturday morning, stayed in our jammies all day, and worked on stuff around the house.

Ryan finished the French doors for his office (just don't look inside) and now all we need is some trim around the doors and the baseboards and the exterior will be done! Nothing like being able to close the doors to an unfinished room and pretend the mess isn't there, right?

This office renovation has been a lengthy project, with Ryan doing bits and pieces in his very limited spare time, but I'm so proud of all his work! The office used to be wide open, like the playroom and he's brought the walls down (doing all the drywall and mudding himself), framed in the doors, painting and installing them, and those cabinets you see on the wall? He made those. Now he's working on building some floor to ceiling bookshelves, a desk, and entertainment unit. So, there's the weekly brag on my man and his super skills.

On Sunday we met Veronika and Harper for lunch and a teeny tiny bit of much as I dare attempt with a toddler anyway. The gorgeous weather continued throughout the weekend and we took advantage of the 70 degree weather to eat outside at my fave lunch spot and then hit Anthropologie for some new books for Liv and some candles (volcano is my fave) for me.

Anthropologie is one of the only stores I'll attempt to shop in with Liv (despite all the breakables) because she loves it. She grabs a new book, settles onto the couch, and lets me quickly browse the sale section.

She chose the book Gaston and I picked out Anne of Green Gables to add to her collection for when she's older. I have a stash of all my favorite books  (Little Women, The Secret Garden, etc.) to give her when she's older. My mom used to surprise me after a tough day at school, or nasty dental appointment with a new book and I'm excited to do the same with Liv. I couldn't turn down this gorgeous copy, the cover is just like art!

Finally, let's talk about what I wore all weekend. The same. damn. thing.

I should really learn to mix it up, but I like what I like and I'm realizing that I basically wore the same thing each day.

Same pair of jeans (favorite, perfectly distressed pair from Target!), some variation on a loose, neutral sweater (wore the same one twice) and either these fantastic wedges or my favorite Tory Burch Flats.

I threw a scarf in one day to mix things up, but in general, same old, same old. I don't know if I'm just lazy, or I like the routine, but I the simplicity of grabbing a comfy pair of jeans, flattering top, and simple accessories just feels good. Is it just me? I know I should probably at least start buying tops in different colors. Big problems, guys. Big ones.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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